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Since 2012, Cultural Heritage Solutions Pty Ltd has been helping Indigenous Australians work with mining and industry professionals to protect and manage their cultural heritage and native title. We are based in Brisbane and work across areas in Queensland and Australia.

With a total of 15 years experience we know how to get things right! Our services include:

Staff Motivation

Organising meetings

We can help schedule meetings to connect employees and professionals involved in the project.

Women's Workshops


We can help with getting your people trained and and certified to work onsite. We organise training, medicals and workplace health and safety inductions specific to the project requirements

Making Tracks

Travel and accommodation

We help coordinate the mobilisation and payment of employees to and from and whilst they are on site. We also assist and organise the payment of any work entitlements, accommodation and code of conducts for employees

Staff Motivation

Legal, accounting and history experts

We have established partnerships set up with experts in legal, accounting and archaeology. We can help connect you with the right people.

Women's Workshops

Strong relationships

At Cultural Heritage Solutions we have established relationships with many of the major mining and industry players. We know the companies and organisations you are working with.

Making Tracks

Call us anytime

Commitments to our clients. We are available at any day or time, 24 hours a day, seven days a week

Staff Motivation

Supply OHS

Occupational workplace health and safety and rehabilitation

Women's Workshops

Have insurance to cover your people

CHS has all the relevant insurances and workcover needed for any cultural heritage work.

Making Tracks

Make sure everyone gets paid

Advanced online payroll management system including all statutory requirements for employees

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Adam English

Brisbane, QLD

Call 0431 078 109

About us

Adam has a long history working with Traditional Owners in assisting them with meeting there obligations under the various acts.